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Attacker advances grabs wrist hand on top to control twist wrist
1) Attacker approaches.
2) Attacker grabs wrist.
3) Place opposite hand on top of attackers.
4) Twist attackers wrist clockwise so fingers pointing upwards.
front kick Twist over Front Kick Prepare for chop kick
5) Attacker is forced to bend over allowing frnt kick.
6) Maintain control over attackers wrist by twisting over.
(The remaining steps are optional additions or variations)

7) Repeat front kick.

8) Retract kick and swing leg over atatckers lowered body.
Chop Kick Kick to attackers head attacker falls to ground Finish in fighting stance
9) Release attacker while making a chopping kick. 10) Connect kick to rear of attackers head. 11) Connect kick to rear of attackers head. 12) Land in fighting stance to check attacker has been neutralized.