Sister and Brother, Kiraleigh and George Castleton both acheived their Black Belts at the National Tae Kwon Do grading examination in 1998. Here, Kiraleigh and George are awarded their grades by Tae Kwon Do Master Park Soo Nam who presided over the grading. However this success is the end of one story and the beginning of another!
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Kiraleigh and George were among the very first junior students at Phoenix Tae Kwon Do and started their training at the ages of 7 and 6 years old respectively in 1994.
Luckily they enjoyed immense support and enthusiasm from their parents and the instructor s at Phoenix Tae Kwon Do who encouraged them both inside and outside the class in their Tae Kwon Do training.
For a lot of Children practicing Tae Kwon Do it becomes integrated into their way of life and goes hand in hand with their education and development. It provides an excellent physical stimulus for education and builds cahracter.
In 2000, Kiraleigh and George succesfully passed their 2nd Dan Black Belts and are pictured here with Instructors, brothers Chris and Russell Pearson.
Kiraleigh and George have now been training in Tae Kwon Do for over 10 years from primary school through to University and already have more experience under their belts as many adults practicing Tae Kwon Do
Tae Kwon Do can broaden childrens horizons beyond all expectations as well as introducing new cultures and countries. One example being when Phoenix Tae Kwon Do was visited by Master Hyun Ho Lee from Korea.
To start an exciting new life for YOUR children sign up at Phoenix Tae Kwon Do because you never know where it will take them!