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Tae Kwon Do is an extremely effective form of self defence originally from Korea. Although Tae Kwon Do is a relatively new Martial Art it has its origins almost 2000 years ago. Tae Kwon Do also featured in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney, Australia. Nowdays, where as other well known martial arts have become essentially sports, Tae Kwon Do is still taught to many self defence establishments, armed forces and police forces around the world and maintains its image as one of the most effective forms of self defence in the world today. Moreover, it is an easily accessible form of self defence being widely taught to normal people including children (where it installs a degree of discipline and respect) and to women (where it provides an easily learnt, simple and effective form of self defence).

Tae Kwon Do is perhaps best known for its spectacular and widely publicized kicking techniques and exciting Competitions. However, it is in fact a much more complete martial art incorporating a mix of the styles often seen in Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu and even Judo.

These web pages will help give you more information and insight into one of the worlds fastest growing and perpetually changing Martial Arts today. If you have not practiced Tae Kwon Do before, why not try it and see at the Golden Phoenix Tae Kwon Do club in Oxfordshire or even in Tokyo, Japan.