(These exercises should be taken as a guide to warming up only)
Before we begin any exercise, warm-up and stretching exercises are a must. These exercises get your body ready for your Tae Kwon Do training session. We begin with a good warm up. The first steps are to effectively loosen yourself and relax and generally bring you to a sweat. Good aerobic exercises include; After this we can warm up specific areas of our body's starting with your neck and working down. Each exercise should be performed for 20-30 seconds.
When you complete the warm-up exercises, you are ready for the stretching . When you complete your training session, perform the warm-up exercises to cool down. Reverse the order of the warm-up exercises and move gently.
Neck warmup Arms up and down Arms back and forth
Neck: Turn neck side to side, up and down and half rotations Arms and Shoulders : Arms up and down so as to bring shoulder blades together. Arms and Shoulders : Arms rotating forward and back
Arms out to side Rotate hips Twist side to side
Arms and Shoulders : Arms out to side Hips : Rotate hips in wide circles Hips : Twist side to side
Twist side to side Rotate knees Windmill
Hips : Twist side to side, coming up on the ball of your back foot. Knees : with hands placed about 15cm ABOVE your knees: Rotate knees Shoulders, Knees, Legs : Windmills - Alterantely toching opposite toes with hands

When you complete the warm-up exercises, you are ready for some stretching