(These exercises should be taken as a guide to warming up only)
After you complete the warm-up exercises, you are ready for some stretching.
Tae Kwon Do has many spectacular kicking techniques so we must teach our muscles how to relax and extend naturally if we want to be able to kick powerfully and quickly!
You should hold each stretch for 10 seconds , and repeat 10 times. Be sure to breath out when you stretch. Stretching should be gradual and relaxed. If you feel a lot of PAIN this is your body telling you to be careful. Beginners should make sure they obtain sound advice from an instructor before performing stretches for the first time!
The stretching period gives you the time to prepare your body and mind for your Tae Kwon Do session. Take the time to give some thought to the movements and techniques that you will perform today.
Hamstring and calf Calf stretch Leg stretch
Hamstring and Calf stretch Calf stretch Hamstring stretch
Inner thigh Hamstring Hamstring
Inner Thigh stretch Hamstring stretch Hamstring and Calf stretch
Groin Hamstring Quads
Groin stretch Hamstring stretch Quads stretch
Inner thigh Front splits Side splits
Inner Thigh stretch Inner Thigh stretch Hamstring/Quads stretch