The students of Tae Kwon Do know that the best self defence technique is to avoid a bad situation. However, sometimes trouble comes looking for you. You show always assess the threat level and respond accordingly. If somebody wants your money and they have a weapon, you should ask yourself, what is more important, your money and credit cards or your life. Self Defence is a last resort when you are in real danger.

When you have no choice but to defend yourself, techniques learned and practiced in your Tae Kwon Do club can make all the difference. This is the real life grading system. Your attacker doesn't care who or what you are. When you have to take action, you might not get a second chance.

Now is the time to put together your basic techniques of blocks, kicks and punches into combinations. These combinations are best practiced with a partner in "set sparring" i.e. in a controlled environment. There are 2 basic forms of set spparring, namely 3 step sparring and 1 step sparring. 3 step sparring comprises of moving in sets of 3 steps. An attacker will step forward 3 times and punch, the defender moves back 3 times blocking and on the third and final block performs a simple counter attack. A more advanced form is 1 step sparring, where without warning, the attacker move forward and punches. The defender immediately must block and counter. Usually the counter techniques are more complex. One step and 3 step sparring should be repeated for both the left and right hands for thorough practice and familiarization.

Although TKD's foundations lie in a combination of blocks, strikes and kicking techniques, the art also has a wide range of more subtle locks and holds. These techniques are slightly more difficult to learn but once mastered they will provide you with a fully integrated and complete set of techniques for self defence. In the section on you can see some examples of these techniques. More examples can be seen in the Women's section.