Tae Kwon Do training in Korea is popular amongst children with training Dojangs on almost every city block! Many children will do some Tae Kwon Do at some point during their childhood. Professional Dojangs will usually teach classes continuously from around early afternoon to 10p.m. at night. The emphasis is on fun and discipline and a lot of kicking.
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Adults are relatively fewer in number as all Koreans will learn Tae Kwon Do during their 2 year national service.
Instructors are usually at least 4th Dan Black Belts and 5-7th Dan instructors are not uncommon. Many of the higher graded instructors have either taught in the Korean Army or have even been part of national squads or Demonstration Teams.
Training sessions can be quite hard and aerobic but the novel teaching methods and expert guidance from the veteren teachers can be both invaluable and eye opening.
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However, throughout the training a great sense of camaraderie and teamwork is also very obvious and evident. This is the embodiment of both Tae Kwon Do and Korean spirit.

Demonstration Team Training Movies (QuickTime format)