A unique opportunity for an introduction into Tae Kwon Do is offered in the authentic surroundings within the War Memorial Park in Seoul, South Korea. This is the Tae Kwon Do "One Day Experience". The 3 hour session conducted by an expert Korean Teacher in Tae Kwon Do covers all aspects of Tae Kwon Do from a (very aerobic) warm up, to Destruction techniques. All Participants receive a Dobok uniform, complimentary honorary Black Belt & completion Certificate. The Tae Kwon Do "One Day Experience" will benefit all participants from complete beginners to high level Black Belts
The course includes the following elements;

Mitt Kicking Practice
Following the rather aerobic warm up and after going through a set of basic techniques, each participant has the chance for some tuition whilst kicking practice mitts with the instructor. The wealth of experience of the instructors makes this a worthwhile exercise for all grades.
Sport Sparring Practice
Its time to put on the body armour and try and land a kick on the instructor! This experience of Tae Kwon Do Olympic sparring is both safe and enjoyable.
Self Defence
Naturally there is a diverse variety of self defence techniques which vary from country to country and even from instructor to instructor. Its a great opportunity to pick up new techniques or for beginners to be amazed at the effectiveness yet simplicity of Tae Kwon Do self defence techniques.
After all the hard work its time for the closing ceremony. Receive a unique completion certificate and honorary belt from the Koean instructor! take your dobok uniform away with you for a great souvenier of your visit!