Even instructors are not perfect and one can always learn new things and advance ones own Tae Kwon Do even after obtaining a black belt grade or even after becoming an instructor and opening one's own class. For this purpose, while he was in Japan, Phoenix instructor Chris Pearson trained in 2 Tae Kwon Do classes as well as teaching his own Class. For approximately 9 months he trained in Asakusa in North East Tokyo (a 2 hour and 4 change train journey twice a week!) where he had the advantage of training under a native Korean instructor. After this instructor returned to Korea he changed classes to a closer club in Shinyurigaoka at which he trained until he returned to the U.K.
Here you can see some pictures of the class at Shinyurigaoka. although this class is relatively young, the atmosphere is friendly and the instructor has a great sense of humour!
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The class at Shinyurigaoka Kicking practice
The class at Shinyurigaoka
Kicking practice
Footwork practice Instructors practicing together
The importance of footwork
Instructors practicing together
Engalnd and Japan meet Body armour practice
England TKD meets Japan TKD
Practice using the body protectors